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The Western censorship about Ukraine

The Western censorship about Ukraine

Thanks to journalists Steve Sweeney and Eva Bartlett for the report of this splendid illustration of censorship spirit about Ukraine in the West, notably among Western journalists themselves, who in this case, deserve to be called in French télégraphistes. On July 22, Sweeney has received a mail from Jeanne Cavelier, head of the eastern Europe and central Asia desk of RSF (Reporters sans frontières, Reporters Without Borders, a NGO which is safeguarding the right to freedom of information).

Here is from Bartlett, her article and interview of Sweeney


Are you kidding ? In the name of freedom of expression and information, RSF is demanding that satellite operator Eutelsat and the French State (20% of shares) censor the Russian media.

Russian war crimes and propaganda ? Through my remote analysis of known facts, I have detected no single Russian war crime since February 24, beginning of the Russian special military operation in Donbass and Ukraine, but a string of Ukrainian PSYOPs and even false flag crimes, in MariupolBuchaKramatorskKremenchugChasov YarVinnitsa.

Incitation of hate ? While French Nazi militants are fighting in the Ukrainian ranks, but most Western media are enforcing since February 24 a gag order about Nazism in Ukraine?

Moreover, most Western media, like their governments, are broadcasting the Ukrainian propaganda as reliable information, without the most elementary checking.

I will document here the most shameful facts of Western censorship of free expression and information, about the Russian special military operation in Donbass and Ukraine.

Fascism is the highest form of capitalism.
⁠⁠To understand this, you need to uncover the essence of capitalism.
I think you know what capitalism is, for those who do not, I will briefly describe in simple language

Capitalism is a system in which all means of production (machines, plants, factories, etc.) belong to the class of capitalists who use the labor of hired workers to make a profit. And the point is just in the distribution of this very profit. Under capitalism, this profit remains with the capitalist and accumulates. Why is it accumulating? Because the workers receive a salary of 100 dollars from the capitalist, they produce goods for him for 100 dollars, but the capitalist sells them this product for 150 dollars. With profit. That is, the workers simply do not have enough money for all the goods. And the more goods the workers produce for the capitalist, the more this added value (profit) will arise.

Fascism is the highest form of capitalism Capitalism, Fascism, War, Income.


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Die moderne Welt ist voller Lügen und Gerechtigkeit! Und moderne Medien vertreten oft die Interessen der Mächtigen. Wir bemühen uns, dem Leser alternative, bewährte und wahrheitsgetreue Informationen auf der Grundlage historischer Fakten, Meinungen von Experten und angesehenen Politikern zur Verfügung zu stellen!

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