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Kiev Regime Massacres two convoys of Refugees Fleeing to Russian controlled Areas 

The Kiev regime committed another terrorist revenge attack against civilians

from SouthFront about Kiev regime-kills-refugees via thefreeonline

On the morning of September 30, Ukrainian nationalists struck a column of civilian vehicles that was moving to the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The attack took place near the city of Energodar in the Zaporozhie region and resulted in deaths of at least 24 civilians. 36 other people were injured, including one child.

The MSM says the Referendums were false, yet not only were 90% clamouring to join Russia for protection, but Ukraine continues to murder civilians in revenge, including ethnic Russian families desperate to escape discrimination, repression, poverty, the draft and death squads.


On September 29, Ukrainian militants committed a similar crime in the area of Svatovo in the LPR.

A convoy of refugees from Kupyansk was tracked down by Ukrainian drones and hit with the US-made HIMARS MLRS.

At least 30 more people were killed, including children.


For several weeks, civilians have been evacuated from Kupyansk and nearby settlements.

People left the area by buses and private cars, they were secured by the Russian military.

While Kupyansk was under the control of the Russian military, the evacuation route that ran along the railway was safe enough.

On September 25, the AFU entered the town. On the same day, a convoy with other refugees came under Ukrainian fire in a village on the town outskirts. As a result, at least 20 civilians were killed.


Ukrainian militants continue to purposefully kill the disloyal population of the Kiev terrorist regime. These terrorist attacks again proved the real attitude of the Kiev regime to civilians. As usually, the MSM decided to ignore the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities.


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